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We are an online book store based in the UK. We sell a range of vintage Science fiction, Fantasy paperbacks ; including Philip K. Dick, H.G Wells, Stanislaw Lem, Isaac Asimov, and J.G Ballard, Strugatsky. We have a range of hard to find penguin science fiction paperbacks.

Specialising in the esoteric and strange we have a wide selection of horror, weird fiction,  occult, and witchcraft paperbacks.  We specialise in authors such as H.P Lovecraft, Robert Bloch  and Stephen King.

From the classics to Paperback from Hell! 

From Classic Literature to the more experimental, with a modest dose of pulp fiction and trash we are always keeping it interesting! 

As huge bookworms, we pride ourselves on supplying great quality vintage paperbacks, including hard to find editions at good prices!


We Buy Paperback Books

We are always on the look out for vintage paperbacks and good quality second hand books. If you have any to sell, please get in touch via our email address alldatalostbooks@yahoo.com